Six of the best April Fools’ Day pranks you might have missed

Six of the best April Fools’ Day pranks you might have missed

Share The Guardian George Osborne ‘reignited the row’ over his multiple business commitments by starting a seventh job as a fashion designer. A controversial race shake-up could see horses in headphones at this year’s Grand National, reported the Mirror Daily Express The Express reported takeaway fans would no longer have to worry about their delivered pizzas getting cold as the heated letterbox had finally been invented. The Domino’s supersize ‘Heatwave Letterbox’ would keep orders warm for up to 12 hours, reported the paper. Telegraph A dog walker spotted a polar bear lurking in Scottish wood after it floated down from Svalbord on a sheet of ice A terrifying ‘wee beastie’ was lurking in the Outer Hebrides. A dog walker spotted a polar bear lurking in Scottish wood after it floated down from Svalbord on a sheet of ice that broke away in the Arctic, according to the Telegraph. The paper reported that the two atoll rings, 1, miles south of French Polynesia, lay submerged until being ‘dislodged by recent tremors’. The implausible stories that are actually true China is set to ban long beards, according to the BBC.

April Fools Princess Dress Up

A company too far to the right may be slow to react, overly hierarchical, and untrusting of others. In contrast, a company too far to the left will constantly be changing deprecating much loved services , over diversify its interests ignoring or being ashamed of its core business , and overly trust its employees and competitors. This silence removes any checks against encroaching extremist and authoritarian policies.

Apr 01,  · Google tried to play an April Fools’ Day prank on its users, but the only fool left standing by the end was the Internet giant! Gmail users found a “Mic Drop” option added on to their email.

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April Fools’ Day 2018: Elon Musk, Google get in on the fun

From high profile companies to in house madness the world just seems to act a little goofy on April 1st. Sports Illustrated published the story about the Mets new rookie pitcher Sidd Finch. They informed the public they had purchased the Liberty Bell and was renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. While the mayhem lasted only a few hours White House press secretary Mike McCurry was bombarded with questions. For this year Google has remained at the top of their game.

This year Google introduced gBall an exclusive ball designed for Australian rules football.

Apr 01,  · Google apologized Friday for an April Fools’ Day prank that inadvertently caused some users to send animated GIFs of “Minion” characters in important emails. “Well, it looks like we pranked.

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Top 10 Interesting April Fools’ Day Pranks We Saw This Year

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Feb 19,  · YouTube has a fun Easter egg that will let you play a Snake-esque game within the video clip above will give you a demo, but it’s simple to execute if you’re keen to try it out.

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David Hasselhoff Google+ photobombs one of the best tech April Fools’ Day gags

Google apologized Friday for an April Fools’ Day prank that inadvertently caused some users to send animated GIFs of “Minion” characters in important emails. The company had attempted to mark the day with a temporary Gmail feature called Mic Drop. The feature added an orange “Send” button that would add to your message an animation of a Minion dropping a microphone and automatically archive any responses — giving you the illusion of the last word in any conversation you were participating in.

The button looked similar to the regular Send button, and they were right next to each other. It also replaced a “Send and Archive” button that some Gmail users enable. One Gmail user claims to have lost a job because of the prank.

The video begins with a serious outlook and even talks about other Moonshot projects that Google is currently working on, like Project Loon, the self-driving cars, and delivery drones.

Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. The best April Fools’ pranks of was a pretty great year for April Fools’ pranks. Petco unveiled selfie sticks for dogs and cats that activate the camera with a “bark” or a “meow. Hide Caption 2 of 19 Photos: The best April Fools’ pranks of Domino’s announced its ” Domi-No-Driver, ” described as the world’s first driverless pizza-delivery vehicle.

The company said the bikes come equipped with “H. Hunger Detection and Ranging to help them detect and navigate real-time obstacles. The best April Fools’ pranks of Cottonelle unveiled a version of its toilet paper for left-handed people. Hide Caption 4 of 19 Photos:

Google’s April Fools’ prank is a pet project, fur real

Link Google has vowed to stop scanning our inboxes, perhaps allowing it to improve overall security. Of course there isn’t an actual person reading through every personal email, that would be impractical, instead it’s done by machines on the assumption that they’ll be discreet when handling our secrets. To some people this might sound like a dystopian nightmare but it obviously doesn’t bother everyone considering that Gmail is one of the world’s most popular email services with more than 1.

Advertisement So why would Google make this change now considering people have willingly tolerated this invasion of their privacy for more than a decade? It’s quite possibly paving the way for Google to follow the industry trend of improving encryption efforts to ensure that no-one can read your emails in transit, not even Google.

This game has an accompanying soundtrack. We highly recommend playing with the sound on to set the mood. If you don’t see the game above, please be sure that.

Google MentalPlex You can tell this is pretty old based on the way the search page looks. No need for manually typing search terms. If you clicked on the MentalPlex circle for you result, you got a result for April Fools and a message saying your search result was unclear. Google Moon Recruitment This prank for involved Google making a fake recruitment for new staff for its moon research center scheduled to open n Spring of It was simple and straightforward. There were four flavors: Pretty cool flavor names.

Gulp Beta was said to increase intelligence and optimize the use of Google Search. The only way to get Google Gulp was to find someone who had a bottle cap of the drink.

Google April Fool’s Day Pranks From 2000 to 2017

By Adario Strange And one of the longstanding masters of the tech prank, Google , is at it again with a fresh batch of trickery. This year, the jokes are more obviously fake this time around in what appears to be an effort to avoid anyone actually thinking these products actually exist.

It’s March 31st, and already the April Fools’ pranks are flooding in. One of the first? Google is hiring Pokémon masters.

Google OK, Google, who’s a good boy? For its April Fools’ prank this year, Google unveiled apps for your cats and dogs for both iOS and Android, giving the internet to our furry friends. After countless cute photos and memes of puppies and kittens, it’s only fair we let them browse through it, too. Welcome to the internet, cats and dogs, please don’t dig through my Twitter history. Are you “Feeling Meow”? Google The search engine giant has built a reputation out of April Fools’ Day, tricking visitors each year.

Last year’s ” Drop the Mic ” joke backfired when it got rid of a feature that people actually use on Gmail. As part of its long-standing April 1 tradition, the company has also hinted at Pokemon Go two years before it actually came out , declared an end to YouTube and announced the Google Nose wearable. You can also prompt the new modes by heading to settings in the app and select the two new options.

A screen populates with a cat or dog paw, depending on which one you picked, that takes you to a page with pet-friendly information.

Where’s Waldo? Find him in Google Maps

Comic Books In , Wizard! Then Johns topped this by actually writing it into an issue of Teen Titans the following year. In , the big news on the comics blogsphere was Johns again, now working on Vibe:

Mar 31,  · Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for .

Email An April Fools’ Day joke created by Google as an add-on to Gmail, intended to amuse, jumped up and bit the Internet giant when users complained en masse about the “stupid prank. Pressing the new orange button would insert an animation of a Minion from “Despicable Me” dropping a microphone. The purpose was to send a fun rejoinder to emails, which would also cut off all further messages to a thread; users would not see any replies, thus ending the conversation.

Yes, even if folks try to respond, you won’t see it,” the company wrote in a Gmail Blog posting. Complaints poured in to the Gmail Help Forum. I am a writer and had a deadline to meet. I sent my articles to my boss and never heard back from her. I inadvertently sent the email using the ‘Mic Drop’ send button. There were corrections that needed to be made on my articles and I never received her replies. My boss took offense to the Mic Drop animation and assumed that I didn’t reply to her because I thought her input was petty hence the Mic Drop.

Google April Fools

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